Players Guide


Training officially begins at 6.00pm Tuesday and Thursday with a warm up. If you arrive after that you are still required to do a warm up. For those that can make earlier, we will do throw downs and technical work from 5.30. Tuesdays will have a fielding focus. If you are held up at work or for any other genuine reason you are expected to come ASAP. You must contact your team leader if youíre running late or canít attend. Even 6.45-7.30 has benefit!

                    All players need to your together to achieve individual and team goals. Bowlers should work with batsmen and against them at the same time.

                    Training is designed to achieve maximum improvement and gaining of knowledge per session

                    Train as you intend to play. Match intensity, match voice.

                    All players are expected to train both Tuesday and Thursday

                    Sensible CRICKET attire must be worn at ALL times. A white cricket top is compulsory and black shorts/track suit pants preferred.


Players are expected to stay for selection, meals and a drink after training. Selection and side announcements will be completed no later than 8.30pm


All players are expected to attend ALL club functions throughout the season. These are the major fundraisers for the club and are vital in keeping the club moving forward. Any player not attending a function should notify their team leader.


Players need to arrive at the required time and MUST prepare in a professional and thorough manner. Anyone who will arrive late must let their captain know in advance

                    1ís &2ís Ė warm up begins one hour before the scheduled start of play. Players are required to be ready for the warm up session on time and in club gear.

                    3ís,4ís and One day team- must at the ground no later than 45 mins before the game starts Ė they will be required for home games to set up the ground.

Players are expected to have the following on game day

                    Subs- $10 seniors $5 juniors

                    All required equipment



Every player is expected to wear the following attire before and after the game:

                    Club Shirt

                    Club Jacket if you have one

                    Club shorts or plain black shorts/track suit pants

                    Club cap

A warm up will be part of all grades and players of each grade are expected to be in the same attire.


If a players in unavailable for a game, they must fill out the unavailabilities section on the website as early as possible.

Game Day Approach



        10 over blocks

        Bat in partnerships

        2 down at tea

        Work singles

        Donít let opposition dictate



        Line and length

        On or just outside off

        Bowl in partnerships

        Stick to a plan



        Always be alert

        Team fielding

        Constructive talk


        Know your role (capabilities/limitations)

        Patient, discipline 80 over cricket

        Club-first mentality



        Warm down properly

        Clean the facilities

        Handle ourselves in a manner that reflects well on ourselves and the club


All players are expected to:

Home Games- Stay till the end of the presentation/awards. 1 hour if no presentations/awards

Away Games- Stay at least half an hour after the warm down at the oppositionís club. Generally 6.30pm at the latest. We expect the same from the opposition



At the completion of each 2-day game there will be a match report for each game. This will start at 7pm and all players are expected to stay for them. A batsman and a bowler of the round will be announced during each match report night and they will be entitled to a drink from each attending player.


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