Award Winners
Club Champions
Senior & Junior Club Champion is decided via a mathematical formula. 15 points for an unassisted wicket (eg. bowled, lbw) 10 points for an assisted wicket (eg. caught), 5 points for a catch, runout or stumping, 1 point per run. The points are calculated for each game, and in Seniors, given a weighting for the grade you are playing in. The current weightings are 1stXI = 1.2, 2ndXI = 1.1, 3rdXI = 1, 4thXI = 0.9 etc.. Therefore if a player in the 1stXI scores 100 runs in a game it contributes 120 points to their total. For a player in the 4thXI, 100 runs equates to 90 points. The Junior Club Champion has no weighting, therefore 40 runs in any grade contributes 40 points toward the Junior Club Champion Award.
Senior Club Champion
2014/2015Shannon Small
2013/2014Shannon Small751
2012/2013Jarrod Butcher680
2011/2012Adam Wild774
2010/2011Adam Wild 672
2009/2010Wayne McInerney819
2008/2009Adam Wild653
2007/2008Adam Wild775
2006/2007Jarrod Condon688
2005/2006Adrian Zandt719
2004/2005Scott Christiansen606
2003/2004Rhys Marget773
2002/2003Rhys Marget
2001/2002Rhys Marget
2000/2001Peter Webb
1999/2000Travis Mulder
1998/1999Travis Mulder
1997/1998Alan Huntley
1996/1997Rhys Marget
1995/1996Micheal DeKretser
1994/1995Rod Marget
1993/1994Graham Yallop
1992/1993Rod Marget
1991/1992S. Justin
1990/1991Rod Marget
1989/1990Rhys Marget
1988/1989Rod Marget
1987/1988Paul Warnock
1986/1987Rod Marget
1985/1986Rod Marget
Junior Club Champion
2014/2015Jack Marget
2013/2014Zach Flintoff401
2012/2013Zach Flintoff423
2011/2012Scott McInerney560
2010/2011Scott McInerney476
2009/2010Aaron Mott549
2008/2009Daniel Carr479
2007/2008Robert Howes641
2006/2007Matt Hutchins451
2005/2006Wayne McInerney536
2004/2005Jarrod Butcher432
2003/2004David Dordevic440
2000/2001M. Williams
1999/2000Scott Huntley
1998/1999Shannon Small
1997/1998M. Williams
1996/1997B. Williams
1995/1996B. Williams
1994/1995Pav Sawhney
1993/1994Wes George
1992/1993Wes George
1991/1992Matt Windsor
1990/1991Troy Cetrola
1989/1990Matt Windsor
1988/1989Travis Mulder
1987/1988Rhys Marget
1986/1987Andrew Peel
1985/1986Rod Marget
Rhys Marget Medal
This award is determined by the captain of each team giving a 3,2,1 based on performances or valueable contributions from each game.
Rhys Marget Medalists
2014/2015Shannon Small
2013/2014Andrew Potts
2012/2013Jarrod Butcher & Travis Mulder14
2011/2012Tim Flintoff15
2010/2011Matt Young13
2009/2010Ross Dancey & Scott McInerney12
Association Award Winners
Association Award Winners
1986/1987RDCAStuart Newey Medal (Assoc B & F)Rod Marget
1988/1989RDCAStuart Newey Medal (Assoc B & F)Rod Marget
1990/1991FTGDCARon Lomax Medal (Assoc B & F)Rod Marget
1991/1992FTGDCARon Lomax Medal (Assoc B & F)Rod Marget
1992/1993RDCAStuart Newey Medal (Assoc B & F)Rod Marget
1993/1994RDCASteve Pascoe (Assoc B & F)Rod Marget
1994/1995RDCAStuart Newey Medal (Assoc B & F)Rod Marget
1996/1997FTGDCAUnder 21 Player of the YearShane Campbell
2003/2004FTGDCARon Lomax Medal (Assoc B & F)Rhys Marget
2004/2005FTGDCAKen Utting Medal (G.F. Man of Match)Adrian Zandt
2005/2006FTGDCAFTGDCA Junior Cricketer of the YearJarrod Butcher
2008/2009FTGDCAKen Utting Medal (G.F. Man of Match)Travis Mulder
2008/2009FTGDCARon Lomax Medal (Assoc B & F)Travis Mulder
2009/2010FTGDCAFTGDCA Team of the YearAdam Wild
2010/2011VMCUUnder 14 Des Nolan Cup - Player of the CarnivalCallum Craigie
2011/2012FTGDCAKen Utting Medal (G.F. Man of Match)Adam Wild
2011/2012FTGDCARon Lomax Medal (Assoc B & F)Adam Wild
2012/2013FTGDCAFTGDCA Team of the YearAdam Wild
2013/2014FTGDCAFTGDCA Team of the YearJarrod Butcher
2014/2015FTGDCAFTGDCA Team of the YearAdam Wild
Batting Averages
1986/1987RDCAU/12-4U/12Andrew Peel
1991/1992FTGDCATopline Shield 53rd XIShane Justin
1991/1992FTGDCATopline Shield 64th XIL. Robinson
1992/1993RDCAB34th XIChris Collins
1993/1994RDCAWilkins Cup1st XIGraham Yallop
1994/1995RDCANewey Plate Res.2nd XIShane Pay
1995/1996RDCAC Grade Div 25th XIM. De Kretzer
1997/1998FTGDCAB15th XIJan De Kretzer
1998/1999FTGDCATopline Shield 35th XIDirk De Silva
1999/2000FTGDCATopline Shield 35th XIAndrew Hoffman
2000/2001FTGDCADeCoite Shield 33rd XIGary Hall
2006/2007FTGDCADivision 42nd XIBrendan Blizzard
2007/2008FTGDCAB35th XISimon Wilkinson
2007/2008FTGDCAU/15 2AU/15Robert Howes
2007/2008FTGDCAU/13 1U/13 1Scott McInerney
2008/2009FTGDCAU/13 1U/13 1Daniel Carr
2009/2010FTGDCAU/13 1U/13 1Lachlan Gray
2010/2011FTGDCADivision 63rd XITroy Cetrola
2010/2011FTGDCAU/12U/12Jackson Marget
2011/2012FTGDCADecoite Shield1st XIWayne McInerney
2011/2012FTGDCADivision 42nd XIBen McLean
2011/2012FTGDCADivision 63rd XITim Flintoff
2011/2012FTGDCAU/17 1U/17 1Scott McInerney
2014/2015FTGDCADivision 32nd XIRhys Marget
2014/2015FTGDCADivision 74th XIChristian Stuckey
Bowling Averages
1985/1986RDCANewey Plate1st XIRod Marget
1985/1986RDCANewey Plate Res.2nd XISimon Mathieson
1985/1986RDCAU/16-3U/16Rod Marget
1986/1987RDCANewey Plate1st XIRod Marget
1986/1987RDCAU/12-4U/12Clayton Dunn
1987/1988RDCANewey Plate1st XIRod Marget
1987/1988RDCAU/14-3U/14Andrew Johnson
1990/1991FTGDCANEILSON Shield 21st XIRod Marget
1991/1992FTGDCATopline Shield 21st XIRod Marget
1991/1992RDCAU/12-1U/12Brett Kidman
1993/1994RDCAWilkins Cup1st XIGraham Yallop
1994/1995RDCANewey Plate1st XIRod Marget
1994/1995RDCANewey Plate Res.2nd XIDarrin McLeod
1994/1995RDCAU/12-1U/12Matt Bristowe
1994/1995RDCAU/12-4U/12J. Terrett
2002/2003FTGDCADeCoite Shield1st XIAdrian Zandt
2003/2004FTGDCADeCoite Shield1st XIAdam Wild
2003/2004FTGDCADivision 42nd XINathan Hale
2008/2009FTGDCAU/15 2BU/15Anthony Howes
2008/2009FTGDCAU/13 1U/13 1Zach Flintoff
2008/2009FTGDCAU/12U/12Lachlan Stuckey
2010/2011FTGDCADeciote Shield1st XIAdam Wild
2010/2011FTGDCAU/17 1'sU/17Scott McInerney
2010/2011FTGDCAU/15 1'sU/15'sJayden Hawkes
2010/2011FTGDCAU/13 1'sU/13 1'sSam Bakker
2010/2011FTGDCAU/13 1'sU/13 1'sAaron Mott
2012/2013FTGDCAU/12U/12 BlackJames Dekel
Team Of The Year
In Season 2006/2007 the method of calculation of the "Team of the Year" changed. A trend had emerged that those players playing in multiple competitions (ie Juniors & Seniors, Seniors & Veterans) had a greater opportunity to compile "Team of the Year" points. Members of the committee decided that the best performance of the round will count towards Team of the Year. This means that if a Junior scores 50 runs in the morning and 60 & 2 wickets in the afternoon, only the 60 & 2 wickets will be counted, the 50 is not counted. In previous seasons both performances would have counted.
1Jack Marget551
2Shannon Small518
3Rhys Marget503
4Brent Bredin497
5Christian Stuckey477
6Brett Morrison474
7Scott McInerney471
7Josh Curnow471
9Sam Bakker466
10Matt Lambrick448
11Navinder Singh420
12Simon Grasser402
1Shannon Small578
2Jarrod Butcher531
3Zach Flintoff523
4Rhys Marget511
5Brett Morrison479
6Andrew Potts457
7Jack Marget427
8Ashley Thompson421
9Chris Stuckey419
10Jason Buljubasic410
11Anthony Jongen395
12Gerad Jongen387
1Zach Flintoff574
2Rhys Marget547
3Jarrod Butcher523
4Niraj De Silva475
5Ian Jongen435
6Gerad Jongen433
7Jason Buljubasic419
8Ben McLean417
9Josh Curnow411
10Matt Young410
11Adam Wild381
12Corne Mostert377
1Tim Flintoff630
2Ben McLean609
3Scott McInerney575
4Wayne McInerney530
5Adam Wild489
6Shannon Small446
7Travis Mulder442
8Dishan Malalasekera386
9Daniel Carr384
10Simon Taylor376
11Jarrod Butcher363
12Greg Crook360
1Scott McInerney533
2Ben McLean500
3Peter Webb469
4Adam Metherell467
5Ash Thompson456
6Adam Wild452
7Wayne McInerney430
8Troy Cetrola422
9Matt Young404
10Michael Brearley398
11Matt van Lith365
12Travis Mulder346
1Wayne McInerney683
2Aaron Mott549
3Adam Wild541
4Adrian Zandt509
5Peter Webb495
6Rob Howes484
7Greg Crook483
8Ross Dancey479
9Mark Dalton448
10Sean Reid433
11Simon Wilkinson431
12Daniel Carr429
1Ashley Thompson624
2Anthony Howes557
3Adam Wild544
4Travis Mulder506
5Daniel Carr479
6Rob Howes460
7Jason Buljubasic448
8Simon Taylor440
9Scott McInerney436
10Josh Wylde423
11Jarrod Butcher422
12Peter Webb403
1Robert Howes687
2Adam Wild650
3Simon Wilkinson557
3John Mills557
5Bart Hoggett515
6Scott McInerney479
7Travis Mulder469
8Jarrod Butcher464
9Sammy Hettiarachchige441
10Drew Withers437
11Dylan Wylde427
12Ashley Hawkes416
1Jarrod Butcher709
2Jarrod Condon573
3Simon Taylor557
4Wayne McInerney533
5Adam Wild502
6Matt Hutchins494
7John Mills473
8Adam Metherell470
9Josh Phillips470
10Rob Cottle469
11Kurt Smith458
12Peter Webb453
1Wayne McInerney787
2Jarrod Butcher776
3Peter Webb759
4Adrian Zandt637
5Matthew Young586
6Matt Bakes506
7Jason Buljabasic456
8Kurt Smith456
9Joshua Gregory447
10Matt Hutchins434
11Daniel Adams409
12Sam Fisher371
1Jarrod Butcher766
2Peter Webb635
3David Dordevic531
4Scott Christiansen505
5Braet Adams468
6Rob Cottle449
7Adam Parker428
8Adrian Zandt408
9Lucas Bakes395
10Adam Wild394
11Cliff Fisher392
12Jarrod Thorpe377
1Rhys Marget684
2Peter Webb554
3David Dordevic533
4Adam Wild473
5Brendan Blizzard464
6Ben McLean457
7Braet Adams432
8Cliff Fisher421
9Scott Christiansen413
10Nathan Hale384
11Matthew Young379
12Jason Buljabasic371
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