Dreamteam Update
Posted by Ben McLean on Thursday, 11 Oct 2007 at 11:12am
We've had a fantastic response to the Dreamteam competition, so far theres 27 teams, and 59 individual players being selected.  I predict that Friday will be a busy day for the Dreamteam with everyone resubmitting their teams based on who is available this weekend.
I've made a few tweaks over the last couple of days.  A few players were worth a lot of points, particulary Simon Taylor (74), so now the maximum cost for any player is 50 points.  So you may now have room in your team to transfer someone out and bring in a higher value player.  Theres changes to the ladder, best players and rules section too.
Don't forget that once the game has started you cannot trade any players involved in a 2 day game until the game is completed, trading of 1 day players is allowed.  Your team will be the 11 players you have selected at 1pm on each Saturday.
Also for some reason our hosting companies mail server has been blacklisted by Hotmail, so any teams signed up with a hotmail email address have not been getting the confirmation, not even in your junk folder!  So if your going to get a team in before the weekend sign up to Gmail or Yahoo which are working fine.
Here's the points results from Round 1, make sure you captains write down any catches as they can have a huge effect on the results.
Points Player Name First Name
48 McKinnon Jeremy
47 Hettiarachchige Sammy
42 Condon Jarrod
40 Thorpe Jarrod
37 Mills John
36 Thomas Rhys
35 Lines Blake
33 Gregory Joshua
30 McLean Ben
29 Hutchins Matt
27 Perryman Luke
27 Jongen Ian
25 Hutchins Micheal
24 Gregory Mitchell
24 Wild Adam
24 Thomas Zane
23 McKinnon Steve
22 Cottle Rob
19 Reid Sean
19 Taylor Simon
19 Hale Nathan
17 Bailey Aaron
15 Buljabasic Jason
15 Taylor Richard
13 Van Lith Matt
12 Place Stuart
12 Vernon Dane
11 Webb Peter
11 Milne Jack
4 Wilkinson Simon
4 Marget Rhys
0 Montague Nathan
-20 Metherell Adam
Points System is 1 point per run, 12 per wicket & 10 per catch, runout & stumping.  20 Points are lost for ducks and RPO over 6.
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