Strategic Plan
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 15 Aug 2014 at 4:12pm
During the off season, the Knox Gardens Cricket Club has conducted a formal review of its operations, on and off the field, as well as an extensive look at the clubs past and future direction. In the most wide-ranging process of its type in the clubs history, the clubs committee has developed a 5 year strategic plan, designed to assist the club in reaching its goal in becoming one of the premier clubs in the FTGDCA.

From this 5 key values have emerged that will be the trademark of our club and our brand. It is what makes us great and what can make us better

  • Inclusive
  • United- One Club
  • Development
  • Excellence
  • Sustainable

The committee in its future planning and club development will focus on 5 key strategic pillars. These pillars will be the core principles that guide decision making and our future direction. The 5 key pillars are

Community engagement and Partnerships
Collaborate with local community, all levels of government and other stakeholders in true collaboration to help the club continue to grow.

Drive participation initiatives in new and existing market segments, with a major focus on junior development.

On-Field Success
Achieve sustained success on field across all levels of the club.

Not to be satisfied with our current position in regards to facilities. We will look to further develop our training, social and playing facilities.

Financial Management
Build the Knox Gardens brand to deliver revenue opportunities for the benefit of the club.

We ask our members to review the document and suggest any possible changes. The committee will vote on accepting this document at the September committee meeting.

Any suggestions or changes please send through to Aaron Bailey at

Download the document:

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