Dress Standards for 2014/15 & Training *April Fools
Posted by Ben McLean on Tuesday, 1 Apr 2014 at 6:37am
After some confusion last week as to the attire to be worn to presentation night, we thought it best to outline the dress standards for the club in 2014/15.  Higher dress standards will present the club in a better light and for families and partners.

Formal Functions off Premise's (eg. Rhys Marget Medal Night, Presentation Night)
Suit with shirt and tie.  Black shoes only. 2014/15 will see the introduction of a club tie.  It will be basic red/black with a small logo a personalised moniker available.  Pricing will be around $35, orders will be taken in May.  A ladies scarf will also be available.

Formal Functions
Dress Shirt & Pants as minimum standard, absolutely no denim (Jeans, Shirts, Ties, Jocks etc..)

Functions at the club rooms
Collared shirt, shoes and pants (no shorts or thongs), No whites, ever.

After Training & Matches
Thursday & Saturday nights, club T20 shirt/hoodie only, black shorts.  No singlets or thongs in the clubrooms.  No whites acceptable after 30 minutes from the conclusion of game/training.

Pre-Match & Training
Club training singlet or T20 warm up top.  Black club shorts.  Black peak cap.  For away games the 1st XI will meet at Knox Gardens and drive to the opposition ground to arrive at the opposition ground as a single unit.

Training Balls
Also, the club would like to announce that in 2014/15 the club will issue each senior player with 1 brand new red "Tuff Pitch" cricket ball at the commencement of the outdoor training session to be used at training throughout the season.  
  • There will be no cost associated as the first ball will be covered by your fees (RRP $40).
  • Should you not bring your ball to training, you will be able to use a shared ball provided by the training manager, it should be returned at the end of training or you will be charged $50. 
  • Fielding drills will use shared training balls.
  • Should you require a replacement you will have to buy one for $50.
  • Sharing of balls will not be permitted.
Also, there will be a refrigerated drink machine installed into the shed at the nets with a 200ml bottle of water having a cost of $2, correct change will be required.

Of course this is an April Fools Joke

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