Round 5 Senior Teams
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 9 Nov 2012 at 9:04am
This Round marks Adam Wild's 150th game in the 1st XI for Knox Gardens.  In my records Adam's played just 1 other senior game for the club in the 2's, when he was coming back from a broken ankle, plus there was probably a few games in the 2's in the late 90's.  Adam is a shining example of the clubs policy to develop it's juniors into senior players rather than buy in talent, 10 out the 11 players in the clubs 1sts this week have all played juniors at the club.

During his time in the 1st's Adam has taken a massive 412 Wickets at 14.64, 602 Maidens and conceded just 2.6 runs per over in his 2,311.2 overs (13,868 balls!!).  He's taken 17 5 wicket hauls!! with best bowling figures of 6/28, he's taken 6 wickets 7 times.

Adam's also compiled 934 runs in an unconventional manner at an average of 11.82 with 49 not outs!  His highest score of 51 came at a crucial time against Lysterfield where he top scored and KGCC went on to win the match by just 4 runs.  Wilba's a 70% chance on any day of making less than 10, significantly boosted by his 27 ducks, and a 6% chance of hitting more than 20.

Wilba's also taken 58 catches and got 5 runouts, he must've bowled them in.  Wilba has been club captain for the last 3 seasons and took the 1st's to 2 grand finals, winning 1 and earning us the promotion to the Reeves Shield.  He's won the 1st's bowling 7 times and been club champion 4 times, been in a premiership team 3 times, he's also been on the committee  and been a club sponsor.

Congratulations Adam Wild on 150 1st XI games!

1st XI

2nd XI
vs  Johnson Park

vs Johnson Park
Home! @ KGCC #1

Away @ Chandler Park
Arrive by 11.45am

Arrive by 11:45am

1. David Prowse

1. Ben McLean
2. John Butcher
2. Jeremy MacKinnon (C)
3.  Josh Gregory
3. Navinder Singh
4. Wayne McInerney
4. Ash Thompson
5. Shannon Small
5. Brett Morrison
6.  David Hay
6. Zach Flintoff
7. Niraj De Silva
7. Matthew Young
8. Travis Mulder
8. Simon Taylor
9. Adam Wild (C)
9. Nick Jankovkis
10. Daine Vernon
10.  Daniel Adams
11. Simon Grasser
11.  Ash Hawkes

3rd XI (Div 6)

4th XI (Div 7)
vs Footballers

vs Monbulk
Away @ Llewellyn #2
Home @ KGCC #2
Arrive by 12pm

1. Sean Reid
1.  Tristan Wilkinson
2. Jason Buljubasic (C) 
2.  Simon Wilkinson
3.  Raghu Bharadwaj

3.  Jeff Greenway
4.  Scott David
4.  Jamie Tanner
5. Nathan Montague

5.  Josh Curnow
6. Dishan Malalasekera
6.   Chris Rock
7.  Andrew Potts
7.  Ian Jongen
8. Jack Deveson

8.  Gerad Jongen
9. Brad Martin
9.   Jarad Ing
10. Blake Lines
10.  Jamie Simmonds
11. Dylan Wylde
11.  Sonny Kong
12. Sam Bakker
12. Dan Harry 

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