Senior Teams for Round 1 2012/13
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 5 Oct 2012 at 8:58am
Teams for this week.  We've had a little problem getting people together for the 4ths, if you know anyone who can play this Saturday then let us know via email or sms.  This week we have about 20 unavailables.

It's a big weekend for the 1's as they take on last seasons KTC Premiers in their first match in the Norm Reeves Shield.  Also Rhys Marget will have his 2nd crack at playing his 300th game after last season final round washout, although the weather is looking a little dodgy this weekend too.

1st XI

2nd XI
vs  Upwey

vs Upwey
Away @ Upwey Rec Reserve

Home @ KGCC #1
Arrive by 11.30am

Arrive by 11:30am

1. David Prowse

1. Ben McLean
2. Jamie Butcher
2. Brett Morrison
3.  Josh Gregory
3. Jeremy MacKinnon (C)
4. Wayne McInerney
4. Zach Flintoff
5. Niraj de Silva
5. Josh Wylde
6.  David Hay
6. Rhys Marget
7. Matt van Lith
7. Andrew Potts
8. Travis Mulder
8. Ash Hawkes
9. Adam Wild (C)
9. Nick Jankovkis
10. Daine Vernon
10. Jamie Simmonds
11. Daniel Adams
11. Blake Lines

3rd XI (Div 6)

4th XI (Div 7)
vs FTG

vs Rowville
Away @ Dobson Park
Home @ KGCC #2
Arrive by 11.45am

1. Sean Reid
1.  Gavin Harding
2. Sonny Kong
2.  TBA
3.  Jamie Tanner

3.  TBA
4.  Simon Wilkinson
4.  Tristan Wilkinson
5. Jason Buljubasic (C)

5.  Rob Cottle (C)
6. Raghu Bharadwaj

6.   Chris Rock
7.  Sahil Shah
7.  Aaron Bailey
8. Jack

8.  Sam Bakker
9. Ian Jongen
9.   Greg Bakker
10. Gerad Jongen
10.  Thilan Wijekulasuriya
11. Josh Curnow (wk)
11.  Manoj Wijekulasuriya


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