Teams for Round 10
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 3 Feb 2012 at 9:24am
It's coming to finals time, 1's, 2's and 3's all look set to play finals.   The 4's are stuggling this year and won't make the finals in a 13 team comp.  The 5ths are searching for their first win this week.

In Juniors, the U/17's sit equal first, trailing footballers by just a couple of percent.  The U/15 1's are currently 4th and are in a tight battle and could finish from 3rd to 7th so will need to keep winning to make it.   The U/15 2's are currently 6th but a win could see them in 3rd place too.  The U/13 1's are 5th and again need to keep winning to make finals.  The U/12's are sitting in 3rd and are guaranteed to make it and with a couple of wins could get 2nd or top...

We had some great scores last week, Nixon Adcock scored 31* in U/13's.  Nick Jankovskis scored 51*, Dishan Malalasekera smashed 50* and Zach Flintoff plundered 27* late in the innings.  Scott McInerney hit a crisp 56 in the U/17's and then followed it up with 60 in the 1st XI, taking his tally for the year to a whopping 508 runs.  Ash Thompson hammered 47 in the first dig and 88 in the 2nd dig in his 4th XI appearance along with Dylan Wylde's 61*.  Rhys Marget and Greg Crook both swung from the hips for their 50 and 36 respectively.  Ben McLean hit 141 in the 2's along with Simon Taylor 32, Jeremy Mackinnon 36 and Mitch Gregory 35.  And David Prowse scored 40 in the 1st XI along with Scott to give the side a solid opening stand.

For the Bowlers Josh Curnow (u/13) took 3/8, Scott McInerney 3/20 (u/17), Jamie Tanner 3/53 in the 4ths, Greg Crook 5/69 in the 3rd XI, Simon Taylor 6/48 in the 2nd XI.  Adam Wild took a mini-bag of 4/50 and Travis Mulder 3/26 in the 1st XI.

Congratulations to all for those great performances and good luck to all this weekend.

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1st XI

2nd XI
vs Lysterfield

vs Mountain Gate
Away @ Lakesfield

Home @ KGCC #1
Arrive by 11.30am

Arrive by 12pm

1. David Prowse

1. Simon Taylor
2. Scott McInerney
2. Jeremy MacKinnon
3.  Ben McLean
3. David Hay
4. Wayne McInerney
4. Tim Flintoff
5. Shannon Small
5. Mitch Greogry
6. Justin Butcher
6. Josh Gregory
7. Josh Phillips
7. Zach Flintoff
8. Travis Mulder
8. Jason Buljubasic
9. Matt Young
9. Adam Metherell
10. Adam Wild (C)
10.  Niraj De Silva
11.  Daine Vernon
11. Ash Hawkes

3rd XI (Div 6)

4th XI (Div 7)
vs Upwey

vs Knox
Home @ KGCC #2
Away @ Miller Reserve
Arrive by 12.15m

Arrive by 12.15pm

1. Andrew Potts
1.  Brett Morrison
2.  Rhys Marget
2. Ryan Metherell (wk)
3.  Peter Webb

3.  Tristan Wilkinson
4. Dylan Wylde
4.  Scott David
5. Ash Thompson

5.  Jimmy Sporton
6. Nick Jankovskis

6.  Daniel Richards
7. Nathan Montague
7.  Rob Cottle
8. Greg Crook

8.  Jamie Tanner (C)
9. Rhys Thomas
9.   Varun Kotamraju
10. Jackson Ealey
10.  Sonny Kong
11. Blake Lines
11.  Simon Wilkinson


5th XI (B2)

vs Auravale

Away @ Raes Land East
Arrive by 12.15pm

1.  -

2.  -

3.  Ollie Mumford

4.  Josh Baron

5. Liam McKnight

6.  Yannic Hannibelsz

7. Adam Waterhouse

8. Lincoln Byass

9. Sam McCarthy

10. Lachlan Pritchard

11. Partrick Iellamo

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