Junior Trivia Night this weekend!
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 5 Feb 2010 at 9:10am
Just a reminder lads that the trivia night is on Saturday night at 7pm. Should be a bloody good night. Heaps of prizes to be won (many of them Alcohol). Bails has set it up so that things are happening all night and it wont drag on. Would be great to see 3-4 senior tables. It is a great chance to promote our club to our junior players and parents who will hopefully be there in good numbers. Lets support it and make it a cracking night.

Tickets for the draw going out this weekend too. REMEMBER every player is responsible for 2 tickets. They can not be returned. You don't sell them YOU owe the cash. Considering you should be buying one, that leaves just 1 to sell. Of course the more we sell the better night it will be. I have organised a bloke to play acoustic sets on the night and will be jazzing up the formula this year. I apologise for them coming out a bit late  ( Have been away for the past couple of weeks) but we have a month to sell them and it is on a long weekend so lets gets cracking and sell, sell sell.

The 1's have a chance to snatch victory this week, rain late in the week will help them on a terribly slow Monbulk ground, they are defending 128, but have Monbulk 2/10 from 10 overs.  The 2's face a challenge defending 150 but some early wickets and they're in the hunt.  The 3's will get another chance to bat, whilst John Mills will need to set himself for a big one in the 4's.  The 5ths have swapped out too much facial hair (Agg) for no hair (Walker) in their 1 dayer against Eildon Park.

 5th XI

vs Eildon Park

Home @ Llewellyn

Tristan Wilkinson
David Hay
Dale Roper
Jason Wingrove
Simon Wilkinson
Steve Pascally
Jamie Tanner
Aaron MacDougall
Chris Rock
Dave Galley
Scott Walker

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