Knox Gardens Junior Cricketers representing the Club
Posted by Andrew Hawkes on Thursday, 18 Dec 2008 at 8:38am
My main passion in performing the Junior Co-ordinator role at Knox Gardens Cricket Club is to give as many kids as  possible the opportunity to play cricket.  This extends itself further in  allowing the more talented players to tryout for representative  honours.
The 2008/09 season has seen further opportunities  present themselves over and above previous years.  With our Club President,  Bill Leane, becoming the driving force behind FTGDCA Rep Cricket, a more  organised effort has been made to identify players around the  Association.
Following extensive tryout sessions mainly held at  our showpiece facilities, the teams are finally selected for Januarys VMCU  Junior Carnival.  The under 14 and two under 12 teams will call Knox  Gardens Reserve home for these two weeks.
Representing Knox Gardens in the FTGDCA Under 16  team to play on turf are: Ben "Ringo" Morello, Rob "Mr Cricket" Howes and  Ash "Wild Thing" Hawkes.   In the Under 14 team to be coached by  our own Aaron "Whitey" Bailey and managed by Ray "the white maggot"  McInerney are: Daniel "broom broom" Carr, Campbell "butterfingers" Craigie  and Scott "too many nicknames" McInerney.
In the Under 12 Mitchell Shield team we have  Niraj "Dirk" DeSilva and Ewen "Ewey" Doonan.  The Under 12 Josh Browne  Plate team will be coached by our current under  13's coach Tim "Stoney" Flintoff and managed by Mark "why the hell would you  swim/bike/run for 10 hours" Jankovskis.  Their sons Zach "the attack"  Flintoff and Nick "Pickles" Jankovskis have been selected in this  side.
Other Juniors to be congratulated are Jonothan Lim  who will be representing Mt Waverley CC in the RM Hatch competition and Josh  Wylde and Jayden Hawkes who, along with Dan Carr and Campbell Craigie, are  part of the Outer East Eagles Under 13 Development Squad.
I hope you all join me in wishing all these players  the best when their chance comes on the field. 
KGCC Junior Co-ordinator
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