Round 5 Dream Team Updated
Posted by Ben McLean on Sunday, 2 Dec 2007 at 9:10am

Demons in da Sack is the big mover this week, winning the round by 106 points over my team, Any Given Saturday.  This takes Wilko's Demons to second place and breatheing down Wilbas neck.  Falcon Unbeleivable had a chance to secure the top position, but the chocolates turned into boiled lollies for Matty and some poor selections has cost him, hopefully he can recover next week to again select a 500+ team. Also, sneaking up the ladder is Rhys Thomas's RDT, gaining ground each week to be within striking distance of top spot.

Bart Hoggett took home the chocolates (please return them) in this weeks players rankings, scoring 144, there could have been more for Bart, but some batsmen chanced their hand against his bowling and took him for 8.9 per over.  Bart scored 53* and 46, took 3 wickets, 2 catches and a runout.
This weeks top players is dominated by the one day grades, Bart, Dave Hay, Daniel Mackinnon, Steve Mackinnon, Rob Howes, Simon Wilkinson and new player Sandeep Reddy are all in the top 10 players for this last round.
Unfortunately the club had just 2 wins from 7 games, and with 2 games before the Christmas break, we need to bounce back in the next round.
Good batting performances this round came from Adrian Zandt 76, Peter Webb 56, Jarrod Condon 53, Bart Hoggett 53, Robert Howes 51,  Tristan Wilkinson 50, Daniel MacKinnon 50, Simon Wilkinson 50, Steve MacKinnon 50, Dave Hay 50 & J Middenway 50.
Solid efforts with the ball were seen from Nathan Hale 5/43, Adam Wild 5/70, Dave Hay 3/12, Chris Adolph 3/13, Mark Hancock 3/27, Sandeep Reddy 3/40 & Bart Hoggett 3/71.
Partnerships of 50 were completed by:
Scott Wilson & Adrian Zandt 102
Jarrod Condon & Josh Phillips 91
Sammy Hettiarachchige & Jarrod Butcher 50*
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