Dave Hay
Season Comp Team Finals Innings
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  • Rnd Date Days Team Inn Rn Num Ho Ov Mn Wk Rn Ct RO St
    1.10/6/201211st XI V's Upwey1st06b
    3.10/20/201221st XI V's Footballers1st126b2
    4.11/3/201211st XI V's Knoxfield1st06c
    5.11/10/201221st XI V's Johnson Park1st30*6no
    1.11/13/201211st XI T20 V's Rowville1st211b
    7.12/8/201221st XI V's Belgrave1st226c
    3.12/11/201211st XI T20 V's Eildon Park1st265b1
    8.12/22/201211st XI V's The Basin1st19*6no
    9.1/12/201311st XI V's Upper FTG1st26ro
    10.1/19/201321st XI V's Upwey1st06c
    11.2/2/201322nd XI V's Ferntree Gully1st81c
    12.2/16/201322nd XI V's Footballers1st291c1
    13.3/2/201312nd XI V's Knoxfield1st121c
    Games: 13 13 (2*) 181 - - - - 4 - -
    50s: -
    100's: -
    Highest Score: 30* Av: 16.45 5wi: -
    10wm: -
    Av: -
    Best: -
    RPO: -
    Strike Rate: -
  • Opponent Inn Outs NO Runs Avg
    Eildon Park1102626
    Ferntree Gully11088
    Johnson Park101300
    The Basin101190
    Upper FTG11022
    Result Inn Outs NO Runs Avg
    Team Inn Outs NO Runs Avg
    1st XI8628514.17
    1st XI T202204723.5
    2nd XI3304916.33
    Location Inn Outs NO Runs Avg
    Bat Pos. Inn Outs NO Runs Avg
  • Opponent Ovrs Wkts Runs Avg RPO
    Result Overs Wkts Runs Avg RPO
    Team Overs Wkts Runs Avg RPO
    Location Overs Wkts Runs Avg RPO
  • P'Ship Wick# Player Out Player Not Out Round Opponent Innings Team Season
    57*5Small, ShannonHay, Dave5Johnson Park1st Innings1st XI12/13
    522Hay, DaveMostert, Corne12Footballers1st Innings2nd XI12/13
    474Hay, DaveMcLean, Ben10Upwey1st Innings1st XI12/13
    40*5Prowse, DavidHay, Dave8The Basin1st Innings1st XI12/13
    291Hay, DaveTaylor, Simon13Knoxfield1st Innings2nd XI12/13
    225Small, ShannonHay, Dave7Belgrave1st Innings1st XI12/13
    215McInerney, WayneHay, Dave3Footballers1st Innings1st XI12/13
    126Hay, DaveFlintoff, Zach7Belgrave1st Innings1st XI12/13
    111Taylor, SimonHay, Dave11Ferntree Gully1st Innings2nd XI12/13
    81Taylor, SimonHay, Dave12Footballers1st Innings2nd XI12/13
    65Small, ShannonHay, Dave9Upper FTG1st Innings1st XI12/13
    52Hay, DaveMostert, Corne11Ferntree Gully1st Innings2nd XI12/13
    46Hay, DaveMarget, Rhys3Footballers1st Innings1st XI12/13
    15McInerney, WayneHay, Dave1Upwey1st Innings1st XI12/13
    05Hay, DaveProwse, David4Knoxfield1st Innings1st XI12/13