Who will take home Rhysa on Saturday Night?
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 4 Mar 2011 at 9:56am
Saturday night is the big Night at the Races Function organised by Bails, which will also incorporate the Rhys Marget Medal vote count, from all reports Bails has done a ripping job so far!  Entry is $35 or $60 a couple and all beer/wine/soft drink and food is included, which is an absolute bargain, please support this function as we're on the verge of having all 4 senior sides playing in semi finals, bring your wife, mates, girlfriend, mistress's and even your mum and dad, it will be lots of fun.

So as we approach the final Home and Away game we see the 1's locked into 2nd position with a home Semi-Final, the 2's are locked into top spot with a home semi also.  The 3's are in the 4 and must win to remain 4th, if they lose we will rely on other results to get us in, and that's not what we want. The 4ths are also 4th and need to win against the undefeated top side to stay in otherwise will be looking at other results to ensure they make it.  If all 4 sides win this week, it will be the "Chairman's Shout" next Thursday Night before the semi final (not this weekend due to the function), make sure you take a drink off me.

Over the coming 2 weeks we would like a massive effort from everyone to get to training if they possibly can, even if your side does not make it, get down and support those who make it through by throwing balls down, hitting catches and bowling in the nets, it will make a big difference to the club. Thankyou.

Last weekend the results were not great for the club, the 1's got rolled despite scoring 215 against Lysterfield.  Josh Gregory starred with the bat hitting 79, Wayne McInerney & Mark Dalton supported him with 30 each.  Adam Wild 3/42 and Ross Dancey 2/42 led the bowling attack.  The 2's fell over the line against Mountain Gate, scoring 258 with scores from Daniel Adams 65, Brett Morrison 33, Ben McLean & Matt van Lith 32.  Daniel Adams then bowled a massive 27 overs 3/82, Ash Hawkes took 2/18 and was on a hat-trick.  The 3's got washed out on Day 1 and came back on Day 2 to play a 1 dayer against South Belgrave.  South batted first and posted 8/177 with the old brigade, Peter Webb 4/36 and Rob Cottle 2/7 taking the lion share of the wickets.  Then the ducks came out to play, 4 of them (plus 1 player short). The guys hit 155 in reply with Nathan Montague hitting 52*, Troy Cetrola 34, Peter Webb 26 and Jamie Tanner 24.  The 4's lost the first game to South Belgrave 112 to 3/117, Zach Flintoff made 26 and Steve Pascale took 2/18.  In game 2 it was all Ian Jongen 38 & 3/10 and Michael Brearley 36* and 3/15, Ash Black may have found his calling with 2/33.  The boys won with 9 players which was a fantastic effort.

One day game this week so a 12.45pm start for all teams but the 4ths.  All teams are playing St Johns Tecoma so lets make it a miserable night for them!!

1st XI

2nd XI
vs St Johns

vs St Johns
Away @ Talaskia

Home @ KGCC #1
Arrive by 11.30am

Arrive by 11.30am

1. Wayne McInerney

1. Brett Morrison
2. Jarrod Butcher 
2. Ben McLean
3. Josh Gregory
3. Sean Reid
4. Mark Dalton
4. Jeremy Mackinnon
5. Mitch Gregory
5. Ash Thompson
6. Scott McInerney

6. Dylan Wylde
7. Adam Metherell
7. Matt van Lith (C)
8. Travis Mulder
8. Daniel Adams
9. Matt Young
9. Ash Hawkes
10. Adam Wild (C)
10. Daine Vernon
11. Ross Dancey
11. Daniel Richards

3rd XI (Div 6)

5th XI (B2)
vs St Johns
vs St Johns
Home @ KGCC #2

Away @ King's Park #3
Arrive by 12.15pm

Arrive by 12:30pm

1. Peter Webb (C)

1. Ash Black
2. Rhys Marget
2. Zach Flintoff
3. Troy Cetrola

3. Varun Kotamraju
4. Simon Taylor
4. Tristan Wilkinson (C)
5. Aaron Bailey
5. Dave Galley
6. Niraj DeSilva
6. Steve Pascally
7. Nathan Montague
7. Simon Wilkinson
8. Rob Cottle

8. Brad Martin
9. Ryan Lepore

9. Steve Agius
10. Pat Forrest
10. Michael Brearley
11. Rhys Thomas

11. Jamie Tanner

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