Grand Final Match Reports
Posted by Ben McLean on Monday, 16 Mar 2015 at 8:17pm

2nd XI


Knox Gardens 4/187 def The Basin 185


3rd XI


Knox Gardens 150 lost to Ferntree Gully 3/151


Fittingly I may not go into great detail on the actual games themselves. Many of you witnessed them first hand and saw what a clinical display the 2ís put on and the 3ís went down swinging Ė beaten by an excellent cricket team with some well credentialed senior cricketers.


I want to take a Robbo moment here and take you through the individuals who participated and helped shape this 2ís flag this year. Iíll start with the skip. RI. The footprint that this man has left on our club is significant, the fact that for years people said Rhys was an individual who plays for his own stats. He is proud of his achievements and why wouldnít you be. Hereís a stat Ė 5 premierships over 4 decades. Jezza Mac spoke often about sustained excellence, he is the walking example of that. This year he wanted it for his mates in Morro and Reidy and he delivered. The look on both their faces when the medals where hung told the story. Amazing.


Cricket is a lot about mateship. Brent Bredin posted the song on Facebook last night. Watch to the very end and about 2 seconds before it cuts out the embrace shared between two life long mates in Nav and Simo who played their bloody guts out is superb. Thatís what itís about.


Speaking of playing your guts out, how good was Hawsky 12 months ago, nearly single handed won the game for us. After falling a wicket short he was inconsolable Ė Iím tipping you canít wipe the smile of the young manís face this morning. Another great story from a kid who has grown up around this place.


The life members were a huge part of yesterdayís win. Premiership number 4 for Benny McLean probably not the dominate season that he has been accustomed to but handy nonetheless. Our youngest life member Daine Vernon was fantastic. 5 wickets in the semi and now this, caps off a tremendous few weeks for this legend. He didnít get the poles on Saturday, they were reserved for his spinning partner in crime in Crystal. Much like Hawksey I have had the pleasure of seeing him growing up through the club Ė the smile and the pride on Lee and Anneís faces were priceless.


How good was Ian Jongenís opening spell on Saturday. Heís now 3 from 3 in GFís. He just gets the job done. He had the disappointment of U15ís earlier in the day and also his eldest son losing in the 3ís. He still managed to sneak in a couple of froff dogs last night and shared with me his concern over how long the body can hold up. I suggest give him a 5 year deal and weíll talk in 2020.


Then the bloke who hit the winning runs Ė Matty Young. What a day. He had the pressure of a missus who is about to pop and an awkward little period to bat, all on his birthday. He handled it the way Mungy handles it Ė with ease. He has turned his game around in the last few years. From tail ender to a rock in the middle order in the 2ís. 300+ runs this season says plenty about him.  He has matured as a cricketer and a bloke. He has a young family who adore him and I couldnít be bloody prouder of him.


To the committee and many helpers of KGCC throughout the weekend and all season you were all magnificent. Thereís every chance that most of us have type 2 diabetes given how much cake sampling went on and the food was terrific. Norgs and Cara were amazing. Hope the arms ok Caz. Jimmy emptied 327 bins and Gregor served 4000 beers Ė and 2 ciders. These are the people who make this club great.


Thank you to the 1ís for your efforts over the weekend. Everyone who could did a stint behind the BBQ and chipped in. Really appreciate it. Bit of a mixed day for Joshy Curnow too. He is going to be a superstar cricketer and got a glimpse of what it is like up the top. He captained his U15 team extremely well. Your old man is proud of you as we all are.


My condolences to Jase and his team who went from second last last year to top of the ladder this year. The side is loaded with talent and will be playing in more premierships in the years to come. Greg Bakkers 4ís boys were great as well. Thanks to all of you who offered assistance over the weekend.


Thatís it from me thanks for reading this year Ė I do try and get in as much as I can when I can so if I have forgotten anyone EAD.






Simon Wilkinson

Director of Cricket.

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