Knox Gardens Reserve Upgrade
Posted by Ben McLean on Thursday, 19 Jul 2007 at 8:52pm

Exciting news for all members and players of the Knox Gardens Cricket Club. The Knox Council have announced the confirmed commencement of works to upgrade the No1 ground at Knox Gardens Reserve.

The upgrade will start soon after September 1st and involve removing & replacing existing drainage & watering systems as well as adjusting the camber on the ground and laying a new drought resistant Santa Anna couch surface. The upgrade will also include a new concrete centre wicket with artificial surface.

This upgrade means that the ground will be out of service for 12 months but the final result will be that the Knox Gardens Reserve will be a show piece ground with outstanding facilities for the future.

It is important to thank the Council Team who have supported the Sporting Clubs so strongly including our Ward Councillor David Cooper, and the Council officers such as Mark Stockton, Rod Lintott, Heather Callahan and others who are the Unsung Hero's in this magnificent and greatly appreciated development for our Club. Any opportunity you have please reflect positively on their efforts to make this possible.

Bill Leane (President)

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