A new era, a new name **April Fools
Posted by Ben McLean on Sunday, 1 Apr 2012 at 6:43am
As the 1st premiership euphoria dies down, our focus turns to season 2012/13 and how we tackle Knox Tavern Cup.

One thing that has arisen is that it's time for a name & motif change. Alot of the clubs in FTGDCA reference birds ie. Rowville Hawks, Monbulk Hawks, Knox Boronia Churches Kookaburras, Belgrave Magpies and a point of difference can be our name and emblem.

A decision was made to come up with a number of proposals to vote on at the AGM to be held in May. At the last committee meeting a short list of 3 was finalised and is listed below:

Proposal A
Name: Knox Cricket Club
Motif: The Falcons
Colours: Red & Black
Onfield nicknames: "Falcons", "Knox", "ex-Gardeners" etc..

To simply remove the word "Gardens" from the title and keep the Falcon as the Motif.  This would be in line with the Knox Football Club and now that name is available after the merger between Knox and Boronia Churches.  This would create a more cohesive transistion between football and cricket and allow us to leverage more of their sponsors.

Proposal B
Name:Knox Cricket Club
Motif:The Bulldogs
Colours: Blue & Grey
Onfield: "Dogs", "Bullies", "Dogggies" etc...

To simply remove the word "Gardens" from the title  and change our logo to Mans best friend.

Proposal C

Name:Knox Cricket Club
Motif:The Cats
Colours: Orange and Black
Onfield:"Pussies", "Catties"

To simply remove the word "Gardens" from the title and change our logo to a cat.  Everyone either loves or hates cats.  The Geelong Cats have had an extremely good run over the last 5 years and having the same name as them can only result in success of the same kind.

The AGM will be on 2nd of May and you can cast your vote on this important decision.
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