Semi-Final Sides
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 11 Mar 2011 at 8:54am
U/15 1's  & U/13 1's are playing their Semi Finals at home whilst the U/12's are playing theirs at Lysterfield (Lakesfield).

Congratulations to Matt Young who won the Rhys Marget Medal last Saturday night.

Also congratualtions to the U/11's who won the FTGDCA Lightening Premiership a few weeks ago.  A great effort by the boys and hopefully we can add more to that in Seniors and Juniors.

Good like to all sides this week, enjoy your cricket.

1st XI
2nd XI
vs Lysterfield
vs Auravale
Home @ KGCC #1
Home @ KGCC #2
Arrive by 11.45am
Arrive by 11.45am

1. Wayne McInerney
1. Brett Morrison
2. Jarrod Butcher2. Ben McLean
3. Josh Gregory3. Sean Reid
4. Mark Dalton4. Mitch Gregory
5. Jeremy Mackinnon
5. Ash Thompson
6. Scott McInerney
6. Dylan Wylde
7. Adam Metherell7. Matt van Lith (C)
8. Travis Mulder8. Daniel Adams
9. Matt Young9. Ross Dancey
10. Adam Wild (C)10. Daine Vernon
11. Simon Grasser 11. Ryan Lepore
12. Zach Flintoff
12. Niraj DeSilva

3rd XI (Div 6)
vs Knoxfield
Away @ Kings Park #2
Arrive by 12.15pm

1. Peter Webb (C)
2. Simon Taylor
3. Troy Cetrola
4. Rhys Marget
5. Aaron Bailey
6. Nathan Montague
7. Ash Hawkes
8. Rob Cottle
9. Daniel Richards
10. Blake Lines
11. Rhys Thomas
12. Pat Forrest
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