Round 5 Senior Teams #2
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 19 Nov 2010 at 9:17am
Congratulations to Daniel Adams who gets married tomorrow.  Daniel's been a massive contributor at Knox Gardens Reserve both for the Football & Cricket clubs.

Tuesday 30th November we are hosting a T20 game vs Lysterfield.  It's the annual Movember cup game to raise some money for Beyond Blue.  The game will be starting at 5.30ish.

Unfortunately the 4's have had to pull the pin this week due to lack of availability.

A reminder to players that your subs are due 30th November 2010.

1st XI

2nd XI
vs St Johns

vs Knox
Away @ Talaskia Res

Home @ KGCC #1
Arrive by 11.30am

Arrive by 11.30am

1. Wayne McInerney

1. Brett Morrison
2. Sean Reid
2. Ben McLean
3. Jeremy Mackinnon
3. Ash Thompson
4. Travis Mulder

4. Dylan Wylde
5. Josh Gregory
5. Rhys Marget
6. Scott McInerney
6. Matt van Lith (C)
7. Ross Dancey
7. Ash Black
8. Adam Wild (C)
8. Adam Metherell
9. Daine Vernon
9. Daniel Richards
10. Simon Grasser

10. Rhys Thomas
11. Matt Young

11. Blake Lines

3rd XI (Div 6)

5th XI (B2)
vs Auravale

vs St Johns
Home @ KGCC #2
Away @ Park Ridge
Arrive by 12.00pm

1. Peter Webb (C)

2. Jamie Tanner

3. Mitch Gregory

4.  Adrian Kennedy

5. Rob Cottle

6. Nathan Montague

7.  Ryan Lepore

8. Ash Hawkes

9. Pat Forrest

10. Steve Agius

11. Chris Rock

12. Brad Martin

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