Senior Teams for Round 2
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 8 Oct 2010 at 9:06am
Daine Vernon and Scott McInerney make their debut in the 1's this week.  Daine took 5/14 last week, whilst Scott put together a gritty partnership with Mitch Gregory to get the 2's out of trouble.

Embarrassingly the club has had to withdraw our Division 7 2 day team due to lack of numbers.  It's a real slap in the face to those that have worked so hard for the club in the off-season and pre-season.

Please double check the DATES on the fixture as now the 1&2's (Round 2) are out of sync with the 3's (Round 1) in terms of round numbers.  Very confusing!

1st XI

2nd XI
vs Lysterfield

vs Lysterfield
Away @ Lakesfield

Home @ KGCC #1
Arrive by 11.45am

Arrive by 11.45am

1. Wayne McInerney

1. Brett Morrison
2. Mark Dalton
2. Sean Reid
3. Rhys Marget

3. Ben McLean
4. Jeremy Mackinnon

4. Ash Thompson
5. Jarrod Butcher

5. Mitch Gregory
6. Josh Gregory

6. Peter Webb
7. Scott McInerney

7. Matt van Lith (C)
8. Travis Mulder

8. Adam Metherell
9. Adam Wild (C)

9. Ash Hawkes
10. Daine Vernon

10. Blake Lines
11. Matt Young

11. Adi Kotamraju

3rd XI (Div 6)

5th XI (B2)
vs Sth Belgrave
vs FTG
Home @ KGCC #2

Away @ Dobson Park
Arrive by 12.15am

Arrive by 12.15am

1. Rhys Thomas (C)

1. Jamie Tanner (C)
2. Aaron Bailey
2. Tristan Wilkinson
3. Adrian Zandt

3. Michael Hoare
4. Ash Black

4. Dale Roper
5. Dylan Wylde

5. Simon Wilkinson
6. Craig Dancey

6. Marcus Powell
7. Dave Thomas

7. Steve Pascally
8. Adrian Kennedy

8. Dave Galley
9. Pat Forrest

9. Rob Cottle
10. Nathan Montague

10. Steve Agius
11. Alex London

11. Troy Cetrola
12. Hilton Heldsinger

12. Josh Tanner

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