New Feature - Statistics
Posted by Ben McLean on Tuesday, 14 Sep 2010 at 11:26am
Very excited to show the latest feature for our website, an enhancement to the statistical pages.

Over the last few weeks I've made alot of enhancements to the website, most of which you cannot notice on the front-end.
  • Caching of commonly accessed pages to improve speed of loading.
  • Improved editing of pages and consolidation of 'simple' pages into a common structure

  • Now you can drill in on Player Stats to see more detail on averages and more history, previously you could only see the "Current" season as defined in the database, now you can see basically all history in our database.  Visit the Player Stats page to have a play with it.

  • The same feature has been added to the Partnerships page, unfortunately we cannot report on Junior, One Day or Veterans grades due to the fact that players retire and the scores are not tracked in scorebooks.  Take a look at the Partnerships page too.

There is another 2 brand spankin' new features that I am working on that will hopefully be released before the start of the season.

1) Allow the stats to drill into player level to see your full history of games, including batting chart etc... (See below for a mock-up)
2) A version of the website better suited to mobile phones.

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