5th XI this Saturday
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 20 Nov 2009 at 10:54am

The 6ths have failed to get a team up for this round, so far this season we've had 93 players play seniors, so its not good enough that we can't field 66 each Saturday. We all need to lift our level of commitment, it's been disappointing to see the array of crap reasons why some people can't play each week.  Get down to training, make yourself available, play some cricket and win some games. 

5ths still need numbers, so if you want a game Saturday afternoon then need at the rooms before the game.
Check MyCricket for exact ground locations.

5th XI



 6th XI

vs Eildon Park




 vs FTG

Home @ Knox #2 (Saturday)



 Away @ FTG #1 (Sunday)


1 Jamie Tanner (C)
 1 Forfeit Loss
2 Tristan Wilkinson
3 Aaron McDougall
4 Josh Wylde
5 Brad Martin
6 Wes Bucello
7 Dave Galley
8 R Margary
9 Brad
10 Dale Roper

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