Senior One Day Grades
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 6 Nov 2009 at 1:32pm

5ths & 6ths for this weekends matches.  Apologies to junior players who have missed out this week, but seniors paying full fees have priority.

Enjoy your cricket and good luck to all teams.
Check MyCricket for exact ground locations.


5th XI



 6th XI

vs Sth East Wanderers




 vs St Johns Tecoma

Home @ Knox #2 (SUNDAY)



 Away @ Talaskia Res (Saturday)


1 Jamie Tanner (C)
 1 Adrian Kennedy
2 Tristan Wilkinson
 2 John Mills
3 David Hay
 3 Anthony Howes
4 Braet Adams
 4 Drew Withers
5 Steve Pascally
 5 David Thomas
6 Simon Wilkinson
 6 Barry Wild
7 Rory Higgins
 7 Rob Cottle
8 Daniel Adams
 8 Sahil Shah
9 Chris Rock
 9 Jack Milne
10 Matt van Lith
 10 Corey Cincotta
 11 Mark Hancock
  Ash Black
  Pat Forrest
  David Hancock
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