Round 9 Senior Teams
Posted by Ben McLean on Thursday, 15 Jan 2009 at 10:21pm
Matty van Lith's wedding is this Saturday, all the best, but seriously who gets married during cricket season and then has a honeymoon during the finals?  The best we can do is return 6 wins over the next 2 Saturdays and continue the charge for finals.  The 1sts remain unchanged from last weeks 1 dayer, but theres alot of changes in the 2's, 3's and 4's so make sure you update your DreamTeam.  Remember we are back to 2 day games so it's a 1pm start, 12pm at the grounds for 1's & 2's players.
Spud pulled a sicky last week, but has promised to have a massive spray this week, so have a look at the forum to see if your in his sights.  It's club members only in the forum, and you'll have to wait to I enable your account.

1st XI


2nd XI


3rd XI

vs Upwey


vs Rowville


vs Eildon Park

Home @ Knox #1


Away @ Seebeck #1


Home @ Knox #2




1 Sampath Hettiarachchige   1 Jarrod Thorp   1 Rob Howes
2 Braet Adams   2 Simon Taylor   2 Greg Crook
3 Jeremy MacKinnon   3 Jason Buljubasic   3 Zane Thomas
4 Rhys Marget (C)   4 Corne Mostert   4 Ashley Thompson
5 Jarrod Butcher     5 Ben McLean   5 Gavin Harding
6 Josh Phillips   6 Mitch Gregory   6 Ryan Metherell
7 Josh Gregory   7 Ray Borg   7 Ryan Lepore
8 Travis Mulder   8 Mark Dalton   8 Rhys Thomas (C)
9 Adam Wild   9 Ian Jongen (C)   9 Richard Taylor
10  Matt Young   10 Adam Metherell   10 Warren Comerford
11 Simon Grasser   11 Ben Morello   11 Daine Vernon

4th XI


5th XI




vs Eildon Park


vs Bayswater




Away @ 81 K1


 Away @ Boronia Heights SC





1 Peter Webb   1 Barry Wild      
2 John Mills   2 Steve Mackinnon      
3 Blake Lines   3 Scott David      
4 Chris Amos   4 Patrick Forrest      
5 Bart Hoggett   5 Mark Hancock (C)      
6 Luke Perryman   6 David Hancock      
7 Ray Phillips   7 Ashley Black      
8 Rob Cottle (C)   8 Pranav Babbar      
9 Jack Milne   9 Anthony Howes      
10 Drew Withers   10 Adrian Kennedy      
11 Ash Hawkes   11 Adi Kotamraju      
      Scott McInerney      
      Doug David      
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