Dream Team Update
Posted by Ben McLean on Sunday, 30 Nov 2008 at 9:52pm
This week Ashley Thompson streaks way ahead on the Players Ladder, can anything slow him down?  He was the first player to pick up the 25 bonus points plus he also got 10 points for his 104 not out.  Second best were unlikley duo Wilba and Webby, Wilba scored 51 + 10 bonus + a wicket, Webby 63 + 10 bonus.
From the teams perspective "Late Starter", managed by Steve Mackinnon, is making an early charge with a super impressive 547 points from a 1 day fixture.  Steve picked Mark Dalton & Sedick Votersen in his original 11, so his 12th man pic of Baz Wild worked out well for him when 2 of his team didn't play, of course picking Thommo as his skipper helped a bit too.
The Two's were the best team on the day with 401 points and the Three's are red faced with a poultry 31 points between them.
Wild, Adam 73
MacKinnon, Jeremy 70
Marget, Rhys 44
Hancock, David 13
Gregory, Joshua 51
Lepore, Ryan 5
Wild, Barry 12th Man 29
Mostert, Corne 33
Hettiarachchige, Sampath -20
Thompson, Ashley 278
In discussions at the club it was noted that there is no rule demanding you to pick 11 players, so therefore you could pick 9 players (similar to the 5ths!) using all your budget and hope for the best.  I personally think that picking 11 gives more enjoyment in getting your mix right and maximises your chances but it's up to each team manager.  Lessons learnt from the 5ths tell us you struggle to win with less than 11!
Teams captains are reminded to put the catches in the book, this week the 4ths & 5ths failed to do so, not only do catches count towards the Dream Team, but also count towards the less important Club Champion and Team of the Year awards.
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