DreamTeam Competition is back in 08/09
Posted by Ben McLean on Monday, 1 Sep 2008 at 11:09pm
After huge success last season, the Dream Team is back for this season and there's been some changes. 
The points system has been expanded to include bonus points for not-out's and 50's and 100's, hopefully that'll help out the batsman!  Also 2nd innings performances will only be worth half points, economy rate is penalised over 8 (instead of 6).  Purchasing players has also changed, now you have a budget of $450,000 to purchase 11 players and $35,000 to purchase 1 emergency player.  Salaries have been calculated based on all performances in the last 3 seasons, averaged by game.  Hovering over a teams name on the ladder will show you who the team manager is. 
Team Managers will compete against the club teams eg. 1st XI, who will have no salary cap, rather they have the team that was on the field for that week.
Don't forget you can change your team every single week (except if a player is in a 2 day game), so those guys in the one day grades can be really valuable.
Log into the Forum and tell me what else you want to see this season and we'll see if it can be done or not.
Sign up to the Dream Team now to secure your Team Name for 08/09 (Teams from last year are removed).
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