Senior Semi-Finals
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 7 Mar 2008 at 8:57am
3rds are at The Basin and 5ths are at Llewellyn Park. Good luck to all sides. 5ths are playing 1 short but should still make 290+ and will have Daniel MacKinnon back for the Grand Final next week.  Reminder that the 5ths will only play on Saturday, the 3rds are playing Saturday and Sunday be at the ground by 12noon both days.
3rd XI   5th XI      
vs The Basin   vs St JohnsTec      
Away @ The Basin No.1   Home @ Llewellyn Park      
1 Rhys Thomas (C)   1 Simon Wilkinson (C)      
2 Zane Thomas   2 Tristan Wilkinson      
3 John Mills   3 Daniel Adams      
4 Adrian Zandt   4 Gavin Harding      
5 Rob Howes   5 Aaron Harris       
6 Rob Cottle   6 David Hay      
7 Blake Lines   7 Rory Higgins      
8 Greg Crook   8 Michael Hoare      
9 Ryan Lepore   9 Dale Roper      
10 Adam Metherall   10 Scott Walker      
11 Luke Perryman   11        
12 Bart Hoggett            
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