Dream Team Updated
Posted by Ben McLean on Monday, 18 Feb 2008 at 9:05pm
After a couple of technical issues, the dream team pages have been updated. 
Wilba's team "Draw Nicks at Will" has re-taken the lead with an amazing selection worth 817 points.  Wilba selected Sammy as his captain, also picking Adrian Zandt, Travis Mulder and himself as his star performers.
Leading the players ladder is Travis Mulder, with Wilba closing in.  In the final round Wilba may have to score a few with the willow to get 1st prize.
Best player of the round was clearly Adrian Zandt, 124 and 5/100 was a huge effort.  Daniel Hoggett loudly announced his return with 99 points from just 1 game.  Sammy scored 125 with a 2nd innings ton, and Jason Buljubasic polled well with 6 wickets.
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