Round 9 Senior Teams
Posted by Ben McLean on Friday, 25 Jan 2008 at 10:02am
The teams for this week are listed below, don't forget to update your Dream Team. 
Round 8 saw some disappointing results in the top 3 grades, the 1st's and 3rd's losing outright, and the 2nd's failing to defend 317 against Footballers.  The one day sides however both managed a win with just 10 players.  Despite their loss the 3rd's remain in second position on the ladder, and will home to maintain that in the run home.
The Round 7 replay on Sunday was marginally better for the 1st XI, despite losing they posted a better total or 150, and were unable to defend it despite having Upwey 5/47.  The 2nd's posted 107 and were soundly defeated by Rowville.  The 2nds are now bottom of the ladder and must win 2 out of the 3 remaining games to avoid relegation.
Lets turn it around this week and have 5 senior wins and play to our potential.

1st XI


2nd XI


3rd XI

vs South Belgrave


vs Mountain Gate


vs Upwey

Home @ Knox #2.


Away @ 73 F6 (Windermere Res)


Away @ 75 B8 (Upwey Res)

1 Travis Mulder (C)   1 Jason Buljubasic (C)   1 John Mills
2 Adam Wild   2 Ray Borg   2 Adam Metherall
3 Sammy Hettiarachchige   3 Adrian Zandt   3 Rob Howes
4 Jarrod Butcher   4 Sean Reid   4 Bart Hoggett
5 Jeremy MacKinnon   5 Mitch Gregory   5 Zane Thomas
6 Josh Phillips   6 Matt van Lith   6 Luke Perryman
7 Simon Taylor   7 Richard Taylor   7 Rhys Thomas (C)
8 Matt Young   8 Ian Jongen   8 Greg Crook
9 Jarrod Thorpe   9 Aaron Bailey   9 Blake Lines
10  Josh Gregory   10 Ryan Lepore   10 Rob Cottle
11 Ben McLean   11 Nathan Hale   11 Corne Mostert

4th XI


5th XI




vs Johnson Park


vs St Johns Tec




Home @ Llewellyn Park


Home @ Llewellyn Park

1 Mark Hancock (C)   1 Simon Wilkinson (C)      
2 David Hancock   2 Tristan Wilkinson      
3 David Thomas   3 Scott Walker      
4 Barry Wild   4 Aaron Harris      
5 Steve Agius   5 Gavin Harding      
6 Ash Hawkes   6 Dale Roper      
7 Nathan Montague   7 Daniel Adams      
8 Ben Morello   8 Micheal Hoare      
9 Drew Withers   9 Rory Higgins      
10 Ryan Metherall   10 Lucas Bakes      
11 Daniel Williams   11 John Middenway      
  Luke Perves            
  Jason Sinclair            
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