Dream Team Update
Posted by Ben McLean on Thursday, 17 Jan 2008 at 10:24am

For those who forgot to update their Dream Team before last Saturday, you've got a chance to get back in the game this week.  You can select 1 day players in place of guys like Sammy and Franger who were unavailable.  Make sure you check the website each Friday for the Teams announcement and adjust your Dream Team accordingly.

This Sunday the 1st's and 2nd's play Round 7 games to make up for the cancelled Round on 22nd December.  The Dream team will be running for this round.  So make sure you select your team soley with 1's and 2's players or you'll miss out on points.  You'll be able to make changes to your team from Saturday 6pm until Sunday 12:45pm, i'll have my laptop at the clubrooms on Saturday night if you don't have access from home on the weekends.
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